Unfortunately, Exhibitor Registration is Now Closed Due to Space Limitations

The James Randi Educational Foundation is proud to announce that the following exhibitors will be at The Amaz!ng Meeting 2011. The conference schedule will allow for attendees to patronize the exhibit tables.

TAM Sponsors who will be exhibiting at TAM Vegas 2011:

  • Committee for Skeptical Inquiry
  • Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
  • Skeptics Society
  • Skeptics Guide to the Universe
  • Surly Ramics

Other Exhibitors

  • Australian Skeptics
  • Camp Quest
  • Captain Disillusion
  • EvolveFISH
  • Foundation Beyond Belief
  • Independent Investigations Group
  • Jerry Andrus Tribute Table
  • JREF Forum
  • New York City Skeptics
  • Secular Student Alliance
  • Skepchick
  • Skeptoid
  • Vitruvia Designs