Wait, Wait, Don’t Fool Me

Thursday 9:00pm

A skeptical news quiz completely unlike a certain NPR news quiz in every way. Well, some ways. Join host Brian Thompson and a panel of hilarious celebrity guests as they compete to see who knows the most about current events, pop culture, and terrible puns.

TAM Late Night: Play Dead with Teller

Thursday, 11:30 pm

Teller presents an exclusive Thursday night screening of Play Dead. This “wild, wicked” (New York Times) Off-Broadway hit, written by Teller and Todd Robbins, starring Robbins and directed by Teller is now a “mind-blowing” (New York Magazine) performance film.  Watch a sophisticated New York audience turned into giggling, screaming adolescents by a magical adult spook show written by and for skeptics. The Wall Street Journal called it  ”funny, furious, and wholly enthralling!” and the New York Post says it is “fiendishly frightening!”  The film will be followed by a brief Q&A with Teller himself.

Paul Provenza presents ¡SATIRISTAS! — Live in Concert

Friday 9:00pm

Paul Provenza, the celebrated comic and critic, presents a cadre of provocateurs and proud comic voices targeting hypocrisy, media distortion and the instiutionalized ignorance infecting America.

These skeptical comedians are distinguished by the savage bite of their wit, virtuosic command of irony and finely tuned bullshit detectors. Celebrating the spirit of the book of the same name, ¡SATIRISTAS! will chew the fat of traditional credulity and leave you wanting more.


This year’s lineup includes:

Doug Stanhope

Kira Soltanovich

Gary Stockdale

Eric Schwartz

Produced by Paul Provenza

Penn Jillette’s Private Rock & Roll, Doughnut and Bacon Party 2 (and Friday the 13th Superstition Bash)

Friday 11:00pm

Be forewarned —

This really is Penn’s private party. He’s paying for everything and JREF has nothing to do with it.  This party will be whatever Penn wants; it’s not a JREF event.

  • there will be stupid rock and roll
  • there will be obscenity
  • there will be scantily clad people
  • there will be 1200 Krispy Kreme doughnuts and tons of bacon
  • you will learn nothing

Everyone at TAM is invited, and it is free to attend. There is a suggested donation to the JREF at the door of $20.00 or more.

Note: This event is neither paid for nor sponsored by the JREF.

A Carlin Home Companion

Saturday 9:00pm

Deftly weaving her amusing yet poignant family stories with classic video footage of her father’s career and family memorabilia, Kelly Carlin, the only child of iconoclastic comedian George Carlin, takes the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions and pulls back the curtain on their life together off stage. Join us for this unexpected, loving and revealing look at the man who constantly redefined himself in order to redefined 20th century comedy.