Astronomy for Skeptics – James McGaha

In this workshop from TAM 2012, presenter James McGaha uses his years of experience as a USAF pilot and astronomer to teach you how to determine what those mysterious lights in the sky really are.

From Witch Burning to God-men: Supporting Skepticism Around the World

Belief in pseudoscience and the paranormal can cause harm all over the world. In this workshop from TAM 2012, Nigerian skeptical activist Leo Igwe, Australian skeptical activist Eran Segev, and JREF Outreach Coordinator Brian Thompson teach you how to help promote evidence-based thinking from a distance.

The Future of Skepticism Online: Crowd-Sourced Activism

Skeptic blogs and podcasts are plentiful and excellent, but often end up “preaching to the choir” of the already skeptical. Are there ways to use other online tools to reach out to the general public? Tim Farley of and Derek Colanduno of “Skepticality” give you the answer in this workshop from TAM 2012.

Science & Skepticism 101

JREF research fellow Kyle Hill teaches the ins and outs of modern scientific skepticism for both novices and veterans looking to brush up on the basics

Dr. Google

In this workshop from TAM 2012, Steven Novella, David Gorski, Harriet Hall, and Rachael Dunlop tell you how to find reliable health information online and skeptically evaluate the information you find.