Are you an educator who would like to bring more skepticism and critical thinking into your classroom? Would you like to be inspired, energized, and informed? The Amazing Meeting is a great place to meet and network with other educators, get educational resources (including printed copies of the JREF’s education modules for classroom use), pick up tips, and be inspired.

In addition to three days of superb talks and panel discussions, TAM 2013 offers a full day of workshops, including one which will focus on incorporating skeptical thinking lessons into non-science classes.

The Amaz!ng Meeting is attended by people from all walks of life and all over the globe. Speakers include scientists, philosophers, journalists, educators, activists, and even entertainers. Simply put, TAM is the James Randi Educational Foundation’s yearly celebration of science, education, and critical thinking.

Veteran TAM goers know the feeling of community and inspiration that a weekend with skeptics provides. The yearly meeting recharges our batteries and sparks new ideas for projects to promote skepticism and scientific thinking.

Educators are in a unique position to reach our target audience, but they need good resources, the opportunity to discuss methods, and the kind of inspiration that events like The Amaz!ng Meeting provide. Educators who attend TAM will be able to bring what they have learned into their classrooms.

And we would like to help them join us!

Contribute to the the TAM 2014 Educator Grant Fund In an effort to expand the impact of our educational resources and the development of future critical thinkers, the JREF is developing the TAM Teacher Grant Fund. The fund will pay conference registration fees for a limited number of educators to attend The Amaz!ng Meeting 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 10-13, and future such events.


In general, any educator who is currently teaching is eligible to apply for a TAM Teacher Grant, whether you teach science to second graders in an enrichment program or physics to university students, or teaching any other subject where you would like to incorporate skepticism in your curriculum. Students currently enrolled in graduate programs in the field of education are also eligible. In ambiguous cases, final decisions about eligibility will be made by the JREF.

Decision Criteria

Grants will be limited only by the amount of funds available, which is determined primarily by the support given to the TAM Teacher Grant program. Some priority will be given to applicants who are teachers of grades K through 12. But applications will also be weighted by the order in which they are received, so apply early!


Recipients must agree to provide a brief, honest review of their experiences as an educator at TAM 2014 by August 15, 2014. These testimonials may be used to promote future meetings or to raise funds for future teacher grants, and to help improve our educational offerings for teachers at the event, and with our other programs.

Recipients must also agree to pose for promotional photographs at least once during the event.


Although registration includes some meals, recipients will be responsible for their own travel expenses and lodging (information available on the TAM website). Applicants are encouraged to seek additional funding from their school district, university, or employer, as many allocate funds for professional development. However, the availability of additional funding will not affect an applicant’s standing for the TAM Teacher Grant.

Volunteers will do their best to help grant recipients who would like to share a room with other attendees find suitable matches, but we do so without guarantees or warranty.


Please download and complete the following application form:

PDF Format

Completed application forms should be submitted using your official school email account to education@randi.org.

If you do not have a school email account or submitting from that account would be difficult, send a separate email with the subject line “TAM Teacher Scholarship Applicant” and attach a scanned copy of one of the following:

  • Current valid certification
  • Current faculty ID card
  • If employed by an enrichment program or otherwise unable to provide ID, please email the details of the situation and we will work with you to determine eligibility.

No incomplete applications will be considered. We cannot provide details regarding your standing relative to other applicants, as this may change as more applications are received. However, if a grant becomes available when you are at the top of the list, we will notify you immediately. Donations will be accepted through June 15, 2014 and all grant recipients will be notified by June 20, 2014.


Contribute to the the TAM 2014 Educator Grant Fund You can support the TAM Teacher Grant program by making a generous direct gift to the James Randi Educational Foundation.

This is an opportunity for the community to promote science, skepticism, and critical thinking education by investing in our greatest resource: our teachers. The future is in their hands. Let’s help them make it brighter.